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We’ve been supplying customers with our milk and cream products for over 80 years. And recently, many of you have been asking us to produce our own ice cream too. So that’s exactly what we’re doing. Of course, we use only the highest quality products – wholesome milk from our dairy cows, blended with exotic natural flavours, carefully sourced from around the world.

Our recipe for great tasting Ice Cream

Some distributors say that all milk is equal. But we believe our milk is more equal than others! That’s because here at Draynes Farm, we regard milk as a wholesome foodstuff that responds dramatically to amount of care, rigour and passion put into its making.

This means caring for every animal in our full herd of prime Holstein Friesians and creating a stress–free environment for them.

We maintain a comfortable and hygienic living environment for our herd. We’ve even laid on an automated bovine back scratcher…which they love! After all, happy cows make great–tasting ice cream.

Then we produce and package the ice cream right here on our farm and distribute it to you direct from our farm, so you get your ice cream from us quicker and fresher.

The result is some of the richest, creamiest ice cream imaginable, freshly made every day, in our own modern ice creamery. Ice cream the way it’s supposed to be.

Draynes Farm
Serving up Draynes Ice cream