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The result is some of the richest, creamiest ice cream imaginable, freshly made every day, in our own modern ice creamery. Ice cream the way it’s supposed to be.

  • Nude Image


    Here’s a new taste sensation for you. Pure, unadulterated ice cream, made with pure, unadulterated Draynes Farm milk and cream. It’s traditional old–school ice cream, with nothing added, and nothing taken out. Nude, in fact. And the taste? Well, we could say it’s amazing. We could say it’s utterly unique. But most of all we’d say it’s sublimely, deliciously more–ishly yummy.

  • Vanilla Image


    When it comes to our ice creams, we accept no compromise. That’s why we only use the finest ingredients, such as mellow-flavoured Royal Bourbon vanilla extract, direct from the exotic island of Madagascar. Its sweet, creamy, velvety after-tones provide a subtle hint of vanilla, allowing the underlying flavour of our ice cream to shine through as well.

  • Honeycomb Image


    Unleash your inner child with this honeycomb ice cream for adults. What we mean is that this is a honeycomb ice cream that doesn’t overwhelm the palate… and stick your teeth together. It allows the creamy nature of the ice cream to shine though, while still providing the deliciously sweet and satisfying crunch that only a carefully prepared honeycomb can deliver.

  • Strawberry Image


    As with all our flavours, subtlety is the determining factor in our strawberry ice cream. Premium natural strawberry purée, made from real, whole strawberries, is carefully blended into our ice cream to create a taste experience that can be teased out, savoured and enjoyed. It’s ice cream for adults – but that’s not to say that youngsters won’t enjoy it just as much too.

  • Chocolate Image


    Take only the finest premium cocoa powder, mix it gently with our pure ice cream, and the result is a truly spectacular gourmet ice cream. Rich, dark and certainly more full-on than our other flavours, Draynes Farm Chocolate ice cream gives a chocolate hit like no other. Wonderful on its own, some might say it’s even better with a large dollop of our freshly whipped cream!

  • Salted Caramel Image

    Salted Caramel

    Some say our Salted Caramel ice cream is an acquired taste. And we couldn’t agree more. After one mouthful, you’ll have acquired the taste for more of this truly more–ish, smooth and sophisticated frozen delectation. Go on, indulge yourself and explore a new taste sensation. Some say it’s the perfect accompaniment for chocolate torte. We say it’s just fine with raspberries. We’ll let you decide!

  • Coconut Image


    To create this deliciously exotic, mouth-watering dessert, we've blended delicious flecks of desiccated coconut with our natural dairy ice cream. Light in colour, but rich in flavour, the resulting Coconut ice cream delivers a totally satisfying and blissful experience - exactly what coconuts were made for! So go on, treat yourself to a taste of the tropics.

  • Mint Chocolate Image

    Mint Chocolate

    As if the smooth, velvety unctuousness imparted by flakes of dark Belgian Callebaut chocolate were not enough, we’ve gone and added an extra hit of pure peppermint essence to create a Mint Chocolate ice cream of jaw-dropping loveliness. Some might say it's the perfect flavour for summer refreshment. We say it tastes wonderful any time of the year.

  • White Chocolate Image

    White Chocolate

    Our creamy White Chocolate ice cream is made using the finest single origin beans, specially sourced from the Dominican Republic, renowned for the distinctive flavour of its cocoa beans. The melt-in-your-mouth scrumptiousness of these generous white chocolate shavings is enough to satisfy the most discerning chocolate lover, or ice cream buff!

  • Bubblegum Image


    It’s the taste of nostalgia, guaranteed to trigger happy childhood memories of swapping bubble gum wrappers in the playground and hanging out with your mates after school. What’s more, it tastes so good you’ll want to chew it. Just don’t try to blow any bubbles!

  • Lemon Sorbet Image

    Lemon Sorbet

    Sometimes one’s palate simply craves the clean, sharp refreshment that only a tongue-curlingly intense sorbetto di limone can provide. Well, our Lemon Sorbet delivers all of this, and more. It's intensely flavoured, with a smooth, ice cream-like texture, punctuated with bits of natural lemon zest that give it an intriguing consistency and real zing!

  • Mango Sorbet Image

    Mango Sorbet

    Sorbets don’t get more luxurious than this. Tart, sweet and very rich, this delicious mango sorbet has a creamy texture verging on ice cream. Sumptuously tropical and wonderfully fragrant, it's the smooth fleshy fruit that makes our Mango Sorbet the perfect sorbet.

Interested in serving Draynes Farm Ice Cream?

Our ten flavours of Ice-Cream and three flavours of Sorbet are available in 5 Litre tubs for serving in your store or restaurant.
We also have four flavours available in 1 litre retail tubs for stocking in your freezer and we have three flavours available in 125ml grab and go tubs for the fast moving customer! So what are you waiting for... let’s start something beautiful!!

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