Available in: 5L


Here’s a new taste sensation for you. Pure, unadulterated ice cream, made with pure, unadulterated Draynes Farm milk and cream.

Available in: 5L, 1L & 125ML


When it comes to our ice creams, we accept no compromise.

Available in: 5l, 1L & 125ML


Unleash your inner child with this honeycomb ice cream for adults.

Available in: 5L

Honeycomb & Chocolate

Just when you thought it couldn’t be improved, we’ve gone and made our Honeycomb Ice Cream even better!

Available in: 5L, 1L & 125ML


As with all our flavours, subtlety is the determining factor in our strawberry ice cream.

Available in: 5L, 1L & 125ML


Take only the finest premium cocoa powder, mix it gently with our pure ice cream, and the result is a truly spectacular gourmet ice cream.

Available in: 5L, 1L

Sea Salted Caramel

Some say our Salted Caramel ice cream is an acquired taste. And we couldn’t agree more.

Available in: 5L

Raspberry Ripple

It all starts with our utterly unctuous, unadulterated Nude Ice Cream, made with Draynes Farm pure milk and cream.

Available in: 5L, 1L

Mint Chocolate

Some might say it’s the perfect flavour for summer refreshment. We say it tastes wonderful any time of the year.

Available in: 5L


It’s the taste of nostalgia, guaranteed to trigger happy childhood memories of swapping bubble gum wrappers in the playground and hanging out with your mates after school.

Available in: 5L

Dark Chocolate Sorbet

Absolutely fabulous, with an intense chocolate flavour, this sorbet is definitely a chocolate lover’s dream.

Available in: 2.5L

Shortcross Gin & Tonic Sorbet

In a perfect partnership between two renowned local producers, our sorbet features the floral–meadow notes of Shortcross Gin, from Rademon Estate Distillery in Crossgar.

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We've been supplying customers with our milk and cream product for over 80 years. And recently, many of you have been asking us to produce our own ice cream too. So that's exactly what we're doing.

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